About Wordego

Wordego is an online advertising network that provides complete technology solutions to automate the purchase and sale of online advertising for both advertisers and publishers.

Our highly scalable platform reaches millions of internet users globally on some of the world’s leading websites and mobile applications. Our technology help increase the volume and effectiveness of online advertising, by improving return on advertising investment for advertisers and maximizing advertising revenue for publishers.

Our platform features applications and services for advertisers to buy online advertising inventory on websites and mobile applications, services for publishers to sell their online advertising inventory, and a marketplace over which such transactions are executed. Together, these features power and optimize a comprehensive, transparent and independent online advertising marketplace that brings advertisers and publishers together, and facilitates intelligent decision-making and automated transaction of the advertising inventory.


Solutions & Technology

Our technology creates and powers a marketplace for advertisers and publishers to readily buy and sell advertising at scale. Our solution provides a critical connection between buyers and sellers and allows large numbers of advertisers and publishers to transact on an automated basis.

Our platform enables advertisers to direct their spending towards the impressions that are of most value to them based on location, behavior, content, pricing, timing, and other targeting objectives; and publishers to optimize the amount of revenue per impression, while adhering to their own specific rules around advertising that is permissible on their websites and mobile applications.


How Wordego Makes Programmatic Advertising Exceptionally Rewarding

  • Dr. Okan Erol - Co-Founder & CEO

Wordego is a technology company that makes programmatic advertising highly rewarding for advertisers and publishers. We provide advertisers and brands the tools to establish connections with their potential customers on web sites and mobile applications, and help publishers to generate maximum ad revenue from their ad spaces.

How Wordego Helps Advertisers to Reach Their Target Audiences

  • Utku Erol - Co-Founder & CTO

Wordego is an advertising technology company helping advertisers and publishers to reach their target audiences across all digital media platforms. Our platform enables brands to seamlessly connect with consumers no matter where they are, and it helps publishers to maximize their advertising revenue from their ad spaces.

How Wordego Helps Publishers to Monetize Their Ad Spaces

  • Rumeysa Erol - Co-Founder & CMO

Wordego is a programmatic advertising technology company, providing services and solutions to advertisers and publishers. We help advertisers more effectively connect their brands with their core consumers, while helping publishers to earn more from the advertising displayed on their web sites and mobile applications.

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