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5 Best Practices for Creating Viral Videos

  • 01.03.2017

Have you known that it has recently been noted more than 500 years worth of videos are watched on Facebook everyday and 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute? So, creating videos and going viral is extremely important for marketers. Here are 5 great insights to consider when creating a viral video for brands to be shared on the social web.

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5 Advantages of Viral Marketing

  • 12.24.2016

Viral Marketing can be simply described as word-of-mouth advertising that includes the efforts of your audience. Viral marketing spreads your message to the people and helps you gain control over masses. It works incredibly well for marketers in terms of improving the growth and success of their online businesses. Viral marketing, for sure, has many advantages such as getting tremendous exposure, visibility, better traffic and increased sales revenue.

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Real Time Bidding vs. Direct Buy

  • 12.16.2016

Even though it seems a little obscure to choose between direct channels and real time bidding (RTB) at first, the thing you want to achieve at the end is the same: placing your ads on a web site. The process of reaching that ultimate result varies depending on your choice between RTB and traditional direct buys. These two different process have their own advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Direct buys might be inefficient from both price and operation standpoint, but offers guaranteed supply. RTB, on the other side, eliminates pricing and complex operational problems but does not provide guaranteed supply. With those in mind, it can be said that these two approaches can be performed in a complementary way after comprehensive consideration in terms of creating a scaling methodology and a data analysis.

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Top 5 Social Media Best Practices for Brand Engagement

  • 12.11.2016

It is a well-known fact that social media allows you to connect with your existing customers, prospects and other people as well about almost everything. An audience engaged with your brand is one of the most important assets you can ever have. The role of social media is to solidify that relationship.

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Benefits of Remarketing

  • 12.03.2016

Have you ever seen advertisements of a product or service of a particular web site you visited in the past when you surf around on other web sites? You said yes? It is pretty normal because those advertisements follow you all over the internet and function as a reminder. Obviously, they remind you of the previous pages you have viewed. Those advertisements show up as a result of Remarketing.

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