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Why Remarketing

  • 10.17.2016

Everybody has heard of something about Remarketing. Still, let’s define remarketing for those who have question marks in their minds. Remarketing is simply a strategy retargeting the existing or the potential customers who have visited your web site and interacted with your brand, but have left the site without making a purchase or have not completed some other action that you wanted them to take. What are the benefits of remarketing, then?

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Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • 10.10.2016

Social Media Marketing is, as its name suggests, about processing marketing activities through social media networks in order to realize marketing objectives and branding goals. While some people are highly convinced that social media is vital to improve marketing efforts, some others still have doubts about using social media as a part of their marketing activities. Here are 10 benefits of social media marketing that will turn skeptics into true believers.

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Speculations on the Future of Marketing

  • 09.24.2016

Along with the advance of technology, marketing has changed dramatically. Things has started to be done in a smarter, faster and cheaper way. Fast change of marketing has also started to give all clients the opportunity of doing their own marketing themselves, which is not even a matter of discussion even 10 years ago from now. It is obvious that marketing will continue to change in the course of time.

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Top 5 Significance of Advertising

  • 09.20.2016

Without a shadow of a doubt, advertising is the best way to promote goods and services and to communicate with customers. Especially in a very competitive age, advertising has a very important role and is a need for everybody from a producer to a customer. Let’s have a close look at top 5 significance of advertising together.

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Programmatic Advertising is on the Edge of Glory

  • 09.11.2016

Programmatic Advertising is not just an expectation. It is an ambition insofar as numbers suggest. Most brands have already started to build out their in-house teams today. So, it does not take a genius to predict the bright future of programmatic advertising. It is literally on the edge of glory!

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