5 Benefits of Video Marketing

To start with, we want to share some statistics with you: 78% of people watch at least 1 video clip on YouTube every single week and over 55% of them watch a video on YouTube every single day. 92% of Business to Business (B2B) clients watch video online and 58% of them say they trust online video ads. YouTube alone has over 4 billion views each day. Statistics explain themselves. Hence, it is not hard to understand the importance of video marketing for businesses. Now, let’s move to the benefits of video marketing.

1) You Get Your Message Viewed

An average person on the web does not pay attention to long texts and even if they do, it will be very short span and they will forget so soon. On the other hand, since the video is considered as a means of entertainment without any effort, it will be easy and not a big deal for people to watch the video. In addition, if your video is compelling and touches upon viewers’ needs or problems, it is certain that you attract the potential customers’ full attention.

2) You Set Yourself Apart From the Competitors

As you can realize, video marketing is more affordable and easier to implement than ever. You should definitely take advantage of it to stand out from the crowd and dissociate yourself from your competitors by implementing video into your marketing strategy.

3) You Convey Complex Information More Clearly

It is always hard to explain very complex ideas or information. At that point, the video is a very useful means because it is always good to demonstrate rather than just giving verbal instructions to people. 

4) Video Goes Viral

If you create a wonderful video, people like it and think that it is worth to share it. The more people share it, the more people are exposed to your message. That leads to increased interest in your products and services. It is obvious that video is the best way to reach a wide range of people and get your marketing message visible.

5) Video Associates Your Brand With Your Company

Most people always would like to do business with those they know, they like and they trust. With video, you give your audience the opportunity of getting to know you more. The more they know your brand, the more they like and trust your company.

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