5 Elements to Consider When Designing Banner Ads

Probably, everybody encounters banner ads on daily basis. Banner ads consist of a prominent image on the web page but their size, positioning, and content can differ. The process of publishing banner ads on a website is simple. Basically, site owners offer an ad space for an advertiser to put a banner ad in return for a fee. Hence, the design of the banner ads is so important, because the success of the overall ad campaign depends on their performance. Here are the 5 best practices for you to take into consideration when designing a banner ad.

1) Size of the Banner Ads

It is obvious that your banner ads are created to be published on someone else’s website and you do not have control over that site. That’s why you need to use the most profitable ad dimensions to get maximum benefit out of your ad campaign. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) provides a specification of the standards that you can benefit when planning your banner ad. More specifically, IAB lists common ad unit sizes on its website. 

2) Text and Image

As you know, when an internet user encounters your ad, that user is there for something else and just happens to see your ad. For that reason, drawing users’ attention in the first second with a combination of images and clear text is crucial for the overall success. Just one image and fewer words rather than a long text are enough to grab their attention.

3) Persuasive Call to Action

Without a shadow of a doubt, a call to action is the most important element in your banner ads. The call to action is the first stage in the process all the way from the initial impression to making a purchase or achieving the utmost goal. Your call to action may be in different forms depending on the action you want your audience to take. What is significantly important that your ads should tell your users what to do and instruct them to take action. Hence, your design should lay out the call to action clearly.

4) Unity

Just as everything else, there should be visual unity between the ad and the site that ad directs you to. If there is no unity between these 2 elements, you may lose your customers. In order to have unity, your ads should use similar colors and identical images. When you provide unity, your customers will be accustomed to your site even before they visit the site.

5) Responsive Design

Implementation of the responsive design is so important that it can increase the impact of the ads across a variety of screen sizes and mobile devices. That’s why you should provide banner ads in various dimensions when designing a campaign for a website.

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