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Speculations on the Future of Marketing

Speculations on the Future of Marketing

  • 09.24.2016

Along with the advance of technology, marketing has changed dramatically. Things has started to be done in a smarter, faster and cheaper way. Fast change of marketing has also started to give all clients the opportunity of doing their own marketing themselves, which is not even a matter of discussion even 10 years ago from now. Everybody knows that marketing will continue to change in the course of time and here are the some speculations on the future of marketing.

First of all, every single thing will be taken care of more personally instead of having everything under one roof. Every issue or marketing project is unique and needs to be addressed specifically. That’s why it is more likely that companies will tend to have partnerships with highly specialized experts to carry out their different marketing activities instead of working with only one marketing agency for all different projects in the future. 

In addition, even though every effort is to make the customers incline towards company’s products or services, things need to be based more on customers’ preferences. All marketing and advertising activities need the participation of customers in order to be successful. In the near future, creating the content that will have the better understanding of the customers’ needs and expectations will be more crucial to have an immense impact on masses, to be able to market goods and services, and to have measurable results in the end.

The use of social media will also change the face in order to create long term relationships with the customers. Nowadays, companies are working with agencies to offer a social media services for their audience. Having such a services is good enough for a company in terms of creating relevant content for the customers, managing various social media accounts and drawing attention to specific topics. However, that kind of superficial interaction with the customers over social media is not enough to build long term relationship and trust with the customers. It means that you need to dedicate some time to social media to develop trust and long term relationships with the customers.

Furthermore, blogs will gain more popularity and will be an indispensable part of marketing activities to create awareness, to generate sales and to build trust, because blogs reach out masses online and does not cost much when compared to traditional media channels like ads on paper, TV commercials, or open air ads. In addition, online content that blogs provide is more easily spreadable and more reachable regardless of time and space. Thus, online media, blog in that case, is mostly for creating long term relationships in a most efficient way. 

All in all, as time evolves, everything changes. So do marketing practices. What is important now when performing marketing activities is to be faster, smarter and cheaper and everything that makes that happen will be so important to keep pace with changing trends of marketing like partnerships with experts, more customer - oriented approach, personal use of social media by companies, and utilization of blogs in the near future.