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The Power of Digital Marketing

The Power of Digital Marketing

  • 08.15.2016

As everybody knows, with the advance of technology, everything related to life from shopping to bank transfers has moved to digital world and we have started to live in a digital utopia. So, it should not be surprising for us to implement marketing efforts into digital platforms and to come up with a new approach to marketing called as Digital Marketing.

In simple terms, digital marketing is a new and modern way of promoting goods and services by any means of digital media, mostly by internet and making your brand more visible to your customers by measuring their behaviors with real time feedback.

In order to understand how we may benefit from digital marketing, we need to know how it diverges from the traditional marketing and to understand why it is so important to make our marketing efforts more efficient first.

First of all, traditional marketing as its names suggests, consists of traditional methods of marketing such as print, radio, TV etc. Digital marketing diverges from traditional marketing in that it comes into existence by using of digital methods which make analyzing the efficiency of the marketing efforts possible.

Another difference is that the traditional marketing is all about one-way communication with customers. In another words, you initiate your campaign through traditional channels (print, radio, TV, etc) and you never know whether your marketing campaign is working out or not. As for digital marketing, you can analyze your marketing efforts by means of measuring tools and see how your campaign is doing. Therefore, you can get feedback instantly and customize your efforts.

In addition, the importance of the digital marketing is worth to be touched upon as well. As people who live in a digital world, having access to information is so easy for us regardless of time and place. At this point, digital marketing has a power of exact targeting to the potential customers in any given time and place. Other than that, since the marketing efforts are measurable through measuring tools, marketing campaign in any given time is customizable, which gives rise to understand customer behavior through real-time feedbacks. Furthermore, digital marketing enables you to promote your goods and services in your own way. That means that your marketing campaigns or online ads are made up of only what you want your potential customers to know about your goods, services or brands.

To sum up, digital marketing is relatively new phenomena but it progresses so rapidly. It is a new and up-to-date form of promoting goods and services, which saves you both time and money. It is more effective and measurable when compared to traditional marketing. There is no doubt that in the near future, we will completely forget the traditional channels of marketing while living in a digital utopia.