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A Look to Location Targeting

A Look to Location Targeting

  • 08.31.2016

With globalization, reaching and engaging with the customers have become more important than ever. Today, for the businesses, setting up a familiarity with the brand across global marketplace is of vital importance and location targeting comes into play at that point.

In a plain English, location targeting  is “the use of location-based data in order to deliver specific content to a web site user”. Location targeting is important in terms of speculating on other useful information about the audience like hobbies, interests, preferences and other demographics. Location targeting uses customers’ IP addresses, postal codes or GPS location. By doing so, businesses can advertise according to city, region or country and provide customers with relevant content. 

Without doubt, location targeting has quite a lot of benefits for brands. Among many other, higher return on investment (ROI) is the most prominent one. Since location targeting allows to reach the customers at a specific location and deliver more relevant content, the number of impressions and the level of customer engagement increase. Thus, ROI increases.

In addition to getting higher ROI, location targeting enables to get faster results than traditional types of marketing such as TV, print and radio. That is to say that location targeting allows companies to measure the success of geo-targeted campaigns more accurately. Besides that, location targeting can be activated and deactivated instantaneously. Thanks to that flexibility, companies can deactivate location targeting when they do not get attention from customers who are from certain locations. 

To sum up, location targeting uses location-based data to reach people globally with specific content. Thanks to location targeting, businesses can advertise in certain cities, regions or countries. Moreover, since getting the results is faster, companies can measure the success of their campaigns more accurately and instantaneously.