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Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications

  • 08.24.2016

All marketing activities are composed of different promotional tools and working together in a harmony is vital to realize marketing objectives. Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) comes into existence to manage various promotional tools. Basically, IMC can be recognized as an approach to convey one consistent message to the audience through different promotions that may include all types of media such as TV, internet, and social media. 

Benefits of IMC are a lot from different standpoints. One of the most important benefits of IMC is the fact that delivering a consistent message through all marketing media about a brand helps you build a brand recognition. That consistent brand perception leads to develop strong customer relationship which later turns into customer loyalty.

Another benefit of IMC lies in the fact that it increases the profits because a consistent message has more influence over the customers than other disorganized messages. A unified message has a better chance of making an impression to people who are exposed to hundreds of commercial messages in a day.

IMC also saves money because it removes the duplication of marketing efforts, which can be accepted as another benefit of IMC. In addition, for all the marketing communications, just one agency can be utilized. Therefore, agency fees do not become a big deal any more. Moreover, using just one agency also saves you more time than using multiple agencies. 

All in all, in order to be consistent and trustworthy in marketing promotions, organizations need IMC. IMC helps them build brand recognition by delivering a unified message through different medias, increase profits and reduces marketing costs by eliminating the duplication of marketing activities.