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5 Best Practices for Mobile Marketing

5 Best Practices for Mobile Marketing

  • 02.02.2017

Statistics showed that mobile advertising expenses globally reached $18 billion in 2014 and projects that the market will reach around $42 billion in 2017. As a result, Mobile Marketing has become the most indispensable part o the marketing mix. Here are the 5 best practices for you to maximize your mobile power!

1) E-Mail Optimization

Although there are many other communication tools like social media, e-mail marketing has still a presence and functions as a solid marketing strategy. E-mail is used in marketing campaigns and expected to increase revenue. That is understandable because 51% of the consumers check their e-mail on a mobile device like smartphones or tablets. However, 80% of the readers delete the e-mail if they encounter a displaying problem. What is more is that 30% of consumers unsubscribe from the future e-mails when they do not view the first one on mobile. That’s why you should send mobile optimized e-mails and your e-mails should have short headers, large text and single column layout. 

2) Mobile Optimized Web site

The layout of your web site should automatically adjust based on the device that accesses your web site. That means that your web site will be responsive, look great and different on each device. Having a responsive web site is important because visitors who access to your web site through a smartphone or tablet will be able to access to site more easily and have good experience with your site. Hence, they will stay longer!

3) Native Apps

A 2013 study from Flurry Analytics shows that iOS and Android users spend 80% of their time in native apps. Hence, users’ engagement with native apps has been increasing because native apps offer push notifications, integration with personal data and widgets. Therefore, if you want to reach those users, native apps needs to be part of your mobile marketing strategy.

4) Mobile Reviews

There is no doubt that reviews are important for every business because the more you get reviews from users the more you will show up in search results. That’s why you should get reviews from your customers through mobile which is an easy way to do so.

5) Using Technology

Complexity and rapid change in mobile technologies make getting the message on mobile channels for non-technical people really hard. Thanks to new tools, non-technical business people also create and update mobile optimized web sites and apps on their own more easily and quickly.