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Programmatic Advertising is on the Edge of Glory

Programmatic Advertising is on the Edge of Glory

  • 09.11.2016

Defining what Programmatic Advertising is very controversial in a rapidly changing advertising world since it is newly on-the-rise concept. Still, it is obvious that programmatic advertising is on the edge of glory with an expected growing of 61% annually.

Even though programmatic advertising is too abstract to be defined easily, one of the best definitions comes from the mouth of Joe Zawadzki, CEO at MediaMath. Joe simply defines programmatic advertising as; the use of technology to automate processes and the use of math to improve performance.

So, by nature, programmatic advertising is an ecosystem in which you can buy or sell advertising by means of Real Time Bidding (RTB) by removing human-based problems. That means that the workflow in that ecosystem is fast and therefore you spend less time to do same thing thanks to shortened process. In addition, you are authorized to choose a specific publisher site. The advantage of that choosing lies in the fact that you can create increased relevance for the consumer and greater revenue for the publisher. 

All in all, programmatic advertising is not just an expectation. It is an ambition insofar as numbers suggest. Most brands have already started to build out their in-house teams today. So, it does not take a genius to predict the bright future of programmatic advertising. It is literally on the edge of glory!