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5 Best Practices for Creating Viral Videos

5 Best Practices for Creating Viral Videos

  • 01.03.2017

Have you known that it has recently been noted more than 500 years worth of videos are watched on Facebook everyday and 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute? So, creating videos and going viral is extremely important for marketers. Here are 5 great insights to consider when creating a viral video for brands to be shared on the social web.

1) Find Real Influencers

It is a common practice among marketers that the majority of the marketers mostly target celebrities as influencers, who they think are the ones to influence masses. However, recent data has shown that the true virality comes from larger groups of people who share the content to small groups while celebrities or other influencers can obviously help to create initial awareness. 

2) Have a Social Object

A social object makes people interact with each other. In that sense, a viral video is a social object which is a reason for conversation and entertainment. In order to create a social object, you have to tell a story because the video should reveal the feeling of an ad to sell.

3) Integrate Your Logo

The presence of a brand’s logo in a video is a controversial issue because both excessive and little appearance of logo brings branding problem. Harvard’s experiments have shown that integration of brand’s logo into the content can increase viewership by as much as 20%.

4) Keep It Long

On the contrary to widely accepted rule that keeping a video short is not a valid argument for a viral video. StumbleUpon data shows that videos viewed between two to three minutes generate a spike in social sharing, while videos viewed beyond four minutes see direct shares increase by five times.

5) Keep It Simple

You need to attract people’s attention as fast as possible. That’s why you should not overwhelm your concept with too many elements and distractions.