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5 Technological Advances Marketers Shouldn’t Underestimate

  • 03.08.2017

Technological advances have changed the face of marketing and advertising significantly in the course of time. The invention of new forms of media like internet has left industry no choice but create new strategies and tools to find their own most effective media mix. With those in mind, let’s look at the 5 technological advances that marketers can’t ignore to keep up with recent game changing technological advances.

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Top 5 Predictions for Digital Marketing

  • 03.05.2017

Digital Marketing has transformed substantially especially for the last few years and has become an important medium for creating an online brand experience. In this article, you can find out the major online marketing trends and predictions for the near future. In a nutshell, over the next coming years, popularity of content marketing will rise and use of videos will grow. In addition, personalization will be more prominent and budgets allocated in online marketing will be on the rise. Lastly, marketing will go mobile.

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Speculations on the Future of Marketing

  • 09.24.2016

Along with the advance of technology, marketing has changed dramatically. Things has started to be done in a smarter, faster and cheaper way. Fast change of marketing has also started to give all clients the opportunity of doing their own marketing themselves, which is not even a matter of discussion even 10 years ago from now. It is obvious that marketing will continue to change in the course of time.

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The Power of Digital Marketing

  • 08.15.2016

Digital marketing is relatively new phenomena but it progresses so rapidly. It is a new and up-to-date form of promoting goods and services, which saves you both time and money. It is more effective and measurable when compared to traditional marketing. There is no doubt that in the near future, we will completely forget the traditional channels of marketing while living in a digital utopia.

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