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Niche Marketing

  • 03.12.2017

Niche marketing is a highly targeted marketing strategy that focuses on a section of the market in particular. That particular section of the market has high potential to show interest to the product or service more than the majority of the market. Niche marketing focuses more on strategically selected media platforms that have high influence over targeted consumers. Online advertising is frequently used to target the specific segment, because online advertising offers different targeting and retargeting options based on customers’ interests, hobbies, locations and internet behaviors. Hence, it brings success along.

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5 Elements to Consider When Designing Banner Ads

  • 02.15.2017

Probably, everybody encounters banner ads on daily basis. Banner ads are consisted of a prominent image on the web page but their size, positioning, and content can differ. The process of publishing banner ads on a web site is simple. Basically, site owners offer an ad space for an advertiser to put a banner ad in return for a fee. Hence, the design of the banner ads is so important, because the success of the overall ad campaign depends on their performance.

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Top 5 Benefits of Online Display Advertising

  • 02.08.2017

In this digital age, display ads are critical and indispensable part of marketing campaign. Strategic placement of those ads on web sites that already appeal to your target market makes the ads relevant, personalized and timely. Hence, your brand gets more outstanding and noticed by your target audience.

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Online Advertising Models

  • 01.24.2017

Online advertising models come into existence in 3 forms, namely cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and cost per acquisition (CPA). However, it is obvious that CPC and CPM are the prevailing ones among three. Needless to say that both advertisers and publishers should have knowledge of all of them and take all three into consideration depending on the situation. That’s why let’s analyze each ad model individually!

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Advantages of Online Advertising

  • 01.16.2017

The number of internet users is always on the rise and internet is used by everybody regardless of their sexes and ages all the time. Recently, internet has become one of the most used means of communication. Today, everybody uses social networks to reach out their friends and internet has been changing the way people get their products or services and news. As a result, since traditional marketing formats such as magazines, TV, newspaper or other promotional products is too expensive, companies have started to utilize online advertising. What are the advantages of online advertising, then? Let’s explore!

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