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Benefits of Remarketing

  • 12.03.2016

Have you ever seen advertisements of a product or service of a particular web site you visited in the past when you surf around on other web sites? You said yes? It is pretty normal because those advertisements follow you all over the internet and function as a reminder. Obviously, they remind you of the previous pages you have viewed. Those advertisements show up as a result of Remarketing.

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Introduction to Remarketing

  • 11.12.2016

Every business in the competitive environment probably experiences the difficulty in getting customers and making them purchase from their web site. Researches support this claim by showing us that over 95% of users leave website without making a purchase. At that point, Remarketing should come to minds as a solution to increase customer loyalty and conversion rates, and you should definitely think about utilizing one or more remarketing strategy among many other.

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Why Remarketing

  • 10.17.2016

Everybody has heard of something about Remarketing. Still, let’s define remarketing for those who have question marks in their minds. Remarketing is simply a strategy retargeting the existing or the potential customers who have visited your web site and interacted with your brand, but have left the site without making a purchase or have not completed some other action that you wanted them to take. What are the benefits of remarketing, then?

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