Top 5 Predictions for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has transformed substantially especially over the last few years and has become an important medium for creating an online brand experience. In this article, you can find out the major online marketing trends and predictions.

1) The Popularity of Content Marketing will Rise

High-quality and relevant content will be an indispensable component of the digital marketing in the near future. That literally means that marketers will give up the traditional digital marketing tactics for the sake of creating more relevant and inspiring content. It is highly possible that companies will care more about customer experience and accurate content in a more customer-oriented way. Along with the rise of content marketing, the budgets allocated to content marketing will also rise. To illustrate, B2B companies that have blogs are anticipated to generate 67% more leads than those that do not have blogs.

2) Use of Videos will Grow

Videos have become an integrated part of marketing activities during the last few years. Videos are especially perfect to demonstrate how a service or product works in a way that text or images only is not enough. It is supposed that the use of video will continue and many more companies will start to create their own so-called explainer videos.

3) Personalization will be More Prominent

Marketers always want to use relevant content to make the customers interact with their content. Lately, companies increased the number of sales, decreased the costs of operation and increased the customer satisfaction by means of personalized content. In the near future, personalization is expected to lead to face-to-face marketing and become a widely accepted practice.

4) Budgets Allocated in Digital Marketing will be on the Rise

The Internet gives marketers a great opportunity for targeting, segmenting and tracking people who spend their time on the web which is not offered by traditional advertising. For this reason, global internet advertising is projected to rise strongly. In addition, especially mobile advertising is projected to rise faster and therefore online advertising budgets will continue to rise in the future dependently.

5) Marketing will Go Mobile 

Use of mobile devices all day long and in different phases of the day, allows marketers to target customers at any given time. It is claimed that mobile web driven by smartphones and tablets will become bigger than desktop usage in the near future. Hence, budgets for mobile ads will grow fast accordingly.

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