Transact on a Unique Coupon Ad Exchange

Wordego Coupon AdX is a unique marketplace for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell electronic coupons at scale. Our platform provides advertisers the tools to offer electronic coupons to their target audiences while they are surfing on the publisher websites.

Unlock the True Potential of Advertising

Wordego Coupon AdX is designated as a fully automated coupon advertising platform for advertisers and publishers to reveal the hidden potential of online advertising. Our innovative technology helps increase the volume and effectiveness of online advertising, by improving return on advertising investment for advertisers and maximizing advertising revenue for publishers.

Embrace Unique Opportunites

Wordego Coupon AdX provides advertisers a unique opportunity to offer electronic coupons to their selective audiences on publishers websites, and to pay only for valuable customer information (CPL) and for coupon redemptions (CPA).

Wordego Coupon AdX provides publishers a unique opportunity to generate supplementary advertising revenue over the issued (CPL) and redeemed (CPA) coupons, without intervening with their current display advertising inventory.

Share Our Vision

Our vision is to create and empower a dynamic online advertising ecosystem, where people would easily access and collect the coupons of products and services of their interests, and use them in their benefit whenever they require.

Extensive Coupon Advertising Solutions

Wordego Coupon AdX is a unique ad exchange platform to offer coupon advertising solutions on an online platform at global scale. Some core aspects of our value proposition are our unique targeting technologies, associated with sophisticated data processing and detailed analytics capabilities.

Integrated Coupon Advertising

Get full value of each coupon, by leveraging the power of our integrated programmatic coupon advertising solutions with excellent targeting capabilities.

Unique Advertising Model

Leverage the industry’s unique coupon advertising model and coupon ad formats for high impact results and higher revenue.

Positive User Experience

Our platform helps protect consumer interests and promotes a favorable user experience for consumers by proactively enforcing quality standards.

Unique Targeting Technologies

Our unique targeting technologies boost the consumer-coupon interaction on the websites and thus provide higher investment returns for advertisers and higher ad revenues for publishers.

Anti-Fraud & Brand Safety

Our extensive suite of brand safety tools keeps our advertisers and publishers safe, and assures them to transact with the highest industry standards.

Think Global, Act Local

We deliver local service with a global footprint as one of the world's leading private and independent advertising technology companies.

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