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Location Targeting Technology

Location targeting is a very powerful tool that helps advertisers show their ads to customers in a selected geographic location. Wordego location targeting technology helps advertisers focus on advertising in the areas where they’ll find the right customers, and restrict it in areas where they won't. This specific type of targeting helps advertisers increase the return on ad investments and save on advertising budget.

Location targeting is an essential tool that should be used by most advertisers.

With Wordego location targeting, advertisers don’t squander their ad budget on wasted clicks from people who are outside their target area, and they increase the chances that the people clicking on their ads are actually eligible to receive their products and services. For businesses that rely on foot traffic (like restaurants), proximity (like used car dealerships by city), and deliveries (like an e-store that ships to certain countries but not others), location targeting is an absolute necessity.

Wordego location options let advertisers include or exclude people based on where they're likely to be physically located or the places that they're interested in. When Wordego advertisers target an area, Wordego may also show their ads to customers in nearby, closely related areas that normally couldn't be targeted because of low population, insufficient data about the geographic area, or because that level of targeting isn't available. For example, if an advertiser targets the city of Chicago, Wordego may also show their ads to people in nearby suburbs of Chicago.