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Wordego Ad Exchange is the highest quality self-service programmatic advertising marketplace, purposefully built for publishers. We provide publishers complete control over their entire advertising with superior customer support and dedicated account executives. Get started with Wordego today, and manage and monetize your advertising inventory on one full-featured platform!

Unique Advertising Models

Generate more revenue and profitability, optimize the use of your ad inventory, and drive value across your websites with Wordego’s unique display and coupon advertising models.

Programmatic Advertising

Get full value of each impression, by leveraging the power of Wordego’s programmatic display and coupon advertising solutions with excellent targeting capabilities.

Integrated Platform

Manage your inventory in one integrated platform. Wordego’s sophisticated targeting and real-time bidding technologies help you monetize your audiences for greater yield on impressions.

Premium Advertiser Access

Gain access to global ad networks and more than 2000 premium advertisers with unique display and coupon advertising solutions only available to Wordego customers.

Audience Engagement

Monetize your audiences where they are most engaged, emotionally receptive and inclined to act on your website. Deliver the right ad, at the right moment, to the right audience.

Mobile Advertising

Leverage our extensive demand for mobile inventory while enjoying fantastic format support, advanced tracking and reporting to help you maximize the value of your inventory.

Coupon Advertising

Leverage Wordego’s unique coupon advertising technology and generate high revenue on issued and redeemed coupons, without interfering with your existing display advertising inventory.

Real-Time Control

Get full control of your ad inventory and monetize your audiences in real-time with Wordego’s unique tools that let you set floor prices, measure, and optimize results.

Extensive Marketplace

Enjoy maximum safety while offering high-value rich media display and coupon ad inventory, through our private marketplace and direct integrations with global networks.

Rich Media Display & Coupon Ads

Leverage the industry’s most comprehensive rich media display and coupon ad formats, and Wordego’s unique advertising models for higher revenue.

Native Advertising

Give your ad inventory the look and feel of the content they appear alongside for higher engagement and strong brand association.

Anti-Fraud & Brand Safety

Make your inventory available for thousands of advertisers, while our extensive suite of brand safety tools keeps you safe and assures high-quality content.

Why Choose Wordego Ad Exchange

Wordego Ad Exchange is a one-stop solution which allows full management of your complete media inventory. This means mobile and desktop, rich media, premium formats, and coupon advertising. Wordego is more than just a source of premium demand for your inventory or a marketplace to sell your data. It’s the industry’s most publisher-centric eco-system for putting your inventory to work.

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