Security Features | Wordego ​​

Security Features

Information, Performance and Usage Security

Personal Information Security

Wordego obliges the usage of an individual e-mail address and password for its users to ensure their security. The usage and sharing of Wordego users’ personal information is secured and limited within the scope of the Privacy Policy.

Performance Security

Wordego ads are designed to be loaded asynchronously during the web sites’ codes loading, and thus they don’t generate any additional load. Wordego ads are compatible with all browsers and they don’t overlap with the content of the web pages under no circumstances. Wordego ads have no effect on web sites’ performances or bandwidths.

Payment Security

Wordego does never ask for credit card information from its users. During the payment process via credit card, Wordego users are diverted to Garanti Bank’s Secure Payment Page and realize their payments under full security through 3D Secure certified virtual POS infrastructure.