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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked questions about our company and services. If you have additional inquiries or need further assistance, feel free to contact our team. We look forward to collaborating with you and contributing to the advancement of your ecommerce operations.

Product Features

What is Wordego?

Wordego is an AI-driven ecommerce visitor analytics platform designed to enhance marketing and advertising performance. Wordego segments online visitors in real-time into Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper categories as per their customer value, and empowers ecommerce businesses to tailor their marketing and advertising strategies effectively. These AI-driven visitor insights help boost marketing and advertising-based revenue by more than 25% and reduce advertising costs by as much as 30%.

Why is Wordego used?

Wordego is used to transform ecommerce marketing and advertising by analyzing and segmenting visitors in real-time based on their customer value. Its AI-driven technology categorizes visitors into groups such as Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper, enabling targeted marketing and advertising strategies.

This leads to increased marketing revenue efficiency and reduced advertising expenses. Wordego's analytics empower personalized customer engagement, significantly altering the interaction between online stores and their visitors, making it an invaluable tool for optimizing ecommerce performance.

Where is Wordego used?

Wordego is used across various ecommerce environments, from universal web stores to Shopify-based platforms, accessible through its Web App and Shopify App. It excels in real-time visitor data analysis, segmenting them based on their customer value.

This detailed segmentation helps ecommerce sites refine their marketing and advertising strategies, resulting in higher marketing and advertising-based revenue and cost-efficient advertising. The AI-driven nature of Wordego facilitates enhanced visitor interaction without necessitating technical changes or additional investments.

What does Wordego do?

Wordego serves as a sophisticated ecommerce visitor analytics tool, analyzing and categorizing each visitor's spending potential and likelihood of purchase in real-time. The platform segments visitors into categories like Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper.

This detailed segmentation enables ecommerce managers to customize marketing and advertising strategies more precisely. By leveraging these AI-driven insights, Wordego helps optimize marketing effectiveness and reduce advertising costs, contributing to increased ecommerce revenue and overall marketing efficiency.

How does Wordego function?

Wordego employs a five-step structured approach to enhance ecommerce marketing and advertising:

1. Upon a visitor's arrival at the web store, Wordego identifies their spending capacity and likelihood of conversion.

2. Wordego then categorizes visitors into segments like Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper, each reflecting their unique customer value.

3. This visitor segmentation data is shared in real-time with ecommerce businesses via Google Tag Manager for Wordego Web App users, and via Shopify APIs for Wordego Shopify App users. The data is equally shared with the web store's advertising platforms like Google Ads, Criteo, and Facebook for targeted advertising strategies.

4. Armed with this detailed visitor insight, ecommerce businesses can craft highly personalized campaigns boosting visitor experiences during their site visit, and tailor their follow-up advertising strategies on various platforms such as Google, Criteo, and Facebook.

5. This leads to an increase in marketing and advertising-driven ecommerce revenue by over 25% and a reduction in related costs by as much as 30%, all achieved without requiring technical changes or additional investments.

How can Wordego benefit my web store?

Wordego offers significant advantages for ecommerce businesses by providing AI-driven real-time analytics and visitor segmentation. It categorizes visitors into groups like Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper, based on their spending power and conversion probability.

This segmentation allows for more effective marketing and advertising strategies, leading to an increase in marketing and advertising-driven revenue by over 25% and a reduction in related costs by up to 30%. Notably, Wordego achieves this without requiring any technical modifications or additional investments, making it a valuable asset for enhancing online business performance.

Technical Integration

Is Wordego compatible with my web store?

Wordego is compatible with a wide range of ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, Elementor, Yo! Kart, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Volusion, PrestaShop, MyDukaan, Wix, IdeaSoft, Ticimax, and T-Soft.

If you have a universal web store with a tag management system like Google Tag Manager, our technical team can swiftly set up the Wordego Web App on your store. If you have a Shopify store, you can benefit from the straightforward installation of the Wordego Shopify App from the Shopify App Store.

This flexibility ensures that Wordego seamlessly integrates with your store, providing powerful visitor analytics and segmentation across various ecommerce environments.

Does Wordego require any technical changes to my store?

Wordego is designed for easy integration into web stores without requiring any technical changes.

For universal ecommerce stores equipped with a tag management system such as Google Tag Manager, the Wordego Web App can be integrated smoothly and quickly. For Shopify-hosted web stores, the Wordego Shopify App is readily available for direct installation from the Shopify App Store, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

This ease of integration allows you to leverage Wordego's advanced visitor analytics and segmentation capabilities without the need for any technical alterations to your ecommerce platform.

What data does Wordego use to provide its services?

Wordego employs different data sources for its Web App and Shopify App. The Wordego Web App utilizes Google Tag Manager data for detailed visitor analysis and segmentation, enhancing web store performance. The Wordego Shopify App, in contrast, integrates with Shopify's APIs, accessing platform-specific data for in-depth analysis.

In both versions, Wordego maintains a strict adherence to data protection standards, ensuring no personal data from your store is accessed, used, or processed.

Does Wordego impact the loading speed of my web store?

The Wordego JavaScript code is less than 50 KB in size and is fully asynchronous. This means that it runs independently of your web store and is loaded after your web pages have finished loading. As a result, Wordego does not impact the loading speed of your store.

Additionally, Wordego is hosted and served by Amazon Web Services (AWS), a top-performing internet service provider (ISP) and content delivery network (CDN).

Does Wordego conflict with other solutions on my web store?

Wordego is primarily a data provider, supplying valuable visitor segmentation information. This customer segmentation data can be used by other marketing or conversion solutions on your web store, potentially boosting their performance.

As Wordego focuses on delivering detailed visitor analytics, it does not conflict with other solutions. Instead, it enhances their effectiveness by providing deeper insights into customer value, complementing and enriching your overall ecommerce strategy.

How does Wordego integrate into my web store?

Integrating Wordego is a simple process, requiring no technical effort. For the Wordego Web App, our team facilitates integration through Google Tag Manager, ensuring a smooth setup with no need for code injection into your store. You can manage Wordego conveniently via Google Tag Manager.

For Shopify users, the Wordego Shopify App offers an even more straightforward installation process. It's available for direct installation from the Shopify App Store, enabling immediate usage in Shopify-hosted stores.

Performance & Pricing

What level of performance can I expect from Wordego?

With Wordego, whether you opt for the Web App or the Shopify App, you can expect a notable enhancement in your store's performance. The platform is designed to provide in-depth visitor analytics and segmentation, which can significantly improve your marketing and advertising strategies.

This advanced approach aims to increase marketing and advertising-driven revenue by more than 25% and reduce related costs by up to 30%. The effectiveness of Wordego lies in its ability to offer precise customer insights, leading to more effective engagement strategies and optimized advertising expenditure.

How can I track Wordego’s performance on my web store?

For Wordego Web App users, performance tracking is straightforward. You can monitor the platform's impact directly on your Wordego Web App dashboard, which provides comprehensive insights into visitor segmentation and the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. 

For users of the Wordego Shopify App, performance monitoring is just as convenient. Reporting is directly available within the Wordego Shopify App dashboard, offering clear, actionable insights specific to Shopify’s platform, enabling Shopify store owners to track and optimize their ecommerce strategies effectively.

Does Wordego offer a free trial? Wordego provides a 14-day free trial for both its Web App and Shopify App, allowing users to assess its effectiveness without any fees. This trial period offers an opportunity to measure Wordego's impact on your marketing and advertising strategies and efficiency. Transparent reporting during the trial helps you make an informed decision whether Wordego aligns with your ecommerce strategy.
What is Wordego’s pricing model? Wordego offers a scalable, traffic-based pricing structure for both its Web App and Shopify App. This model includes different tiers, such as Starter, Growth, Advanced, and Enterprise, each with a monthly fee and traffic limit. Additional costs apply for extra visitors beyond these limits. The pricing is designed to be transparent and adaptable to various business sizes and needs without any setup or hidden fees.
How is Wordego’s fee calculated?

Wordego's pricing is based on the selected plan and the actual visitor traffic to your web store. Each plan has a defined monthly traffic limit.

Wordego calculates and reports the number of visitor sessions. If your store exceeds the traffic limit of your selected plan, additional traffic is charged accordingly. This ensures that you're always billed based on your web store's actual visitor traffic and the plan's specifications.

What are the invoicing and payment terms for Wordego?

Wordego's invoicing and payment terms are structured around its traffic-based pricing model. Fees are calculated monthly based on the selected plan and actual visitor traffic.

For the Wordego Web App, invoices are issued on the last day of each month, with a 15-day payment term. Payments can be made through bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal.

For the Wordego Shopify App, fees are automatically calculated and collected by Shopify in accordance with your monthly Shopify payment method and schedule.