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Service Order Form

Last Updated: Jan 1, 2024


This Wordego Service Order Form (“Order Form”) is made by and between Wordego Inc, a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Delaware, with its principal office at 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1212, Chicago, Illinois, 60654, USA (“Company”), and the below-mentioned entity or individual (“Customer”) on ****** (“Effective Date”). Hereinafter, the Company and the Customer may be referred to individually as a “Party” and collectively as the “Parties”.

This Order Form is an integral, non-severable, and legally binding part of the Wordego Service Agreement (“Agreement”) available at By signing this Order Form, Parties acknowledge, declare, and agree that they have entered into the Agreement and are legally bound by its terms.


Company: ******

Customer: ******


Web Store: ******

Services: The Company will provide the Wordego Web App services to the Customer. Wordego Web App is an AI-driven ecommerce visitor analytics platform, providing ecommerce businesses in-depth insights into visitor value. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, the Wordego Web App processes Customer Data to segment visitors in real-time into categories like Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Copper, enabling ecommerce businesses to tailor their marketing and advertising strategies based on this data with precision. The Wordego Web App seamlessly integrates with the Customer’s Web Store via their tag management system. By offering detailed visitor segmentation, Wordego Web App empowers ecommerce businesses to optimize their marketing efforts, leading to improved marketing and advertising-based revenue and reduced advertising costs.

Service Fee: The Service Fee will be based on the visitor traffic-based service plan (“Service Plan”) selected by the Customer. The traffic count for the Service Plan will be determined by the Company's Web Store visitor session calculations. The Customer may change the Service Plan at any time. The new plan will take effect from the start of the next billing month.

Service Plan: The Customer has selected the ****** plan for their Web Store. This plan is priced at $****** per month plus applicable sales tax, covering up to ****** Web Store visitors monthly. Should the visitor count exceed this limit, an additional charge of $****** per thousand visitors, plus applicable sales tax, will be applied.

Invoicing Period: Monthly, on the last day of each month.

Payment Term: 15 (fifteen) days.

Pilot Trial: The Customer is granted the right to use the Services on their Web Store free of charge during the Trial Period. The Trial Period commences on a date specified by the Customer, following the Company's successful setup and activation of the Services on the Customer’s Web Store. Upon completion of the Pilot Trial, should the Customer wish to continue using the Services, they may do so in accordance with the terms specified in the Agreement.

Trial Period: 14 (fourteen) days.


Company: ******

Customer: ******